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"Let us help you find your guitars, ukeleles, other instruments, amps and unique accessories at great prices..."

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JOIN OUR VIP CLUB. Text 4GUITAR to 71441 to join.

"For Guitars and Such" is a new website coming soon.  You will be able to purchase Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic-Electric Guitars, Electric Guitars, Ukeleles, Cigar Box guitars (both kit and already made) and amps.  Also available will be some specific accessories that you will want.  Sure, you can buy them elsewhere, but why would you.  Join our VIP Club and earn special discounts.  Looking for other instruments, we can provide that as well.

Don't forget the website address: We want you to choose "For Guitars and Such" for your music needs.

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Needing an instrument for school band or orchestra.   Call us about our LEASE TO BUY PROGRAM or ASK ABOUT OUR 3 OR 4 PAY PLAN.

Your child can have a beautiful new instrument for their school band or orchestra experience.  Call 800-590-4127 between 10:00am and 6:00pm EDT for more information.

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Coming Very Soon... In Time For Your Christmas Shopping!

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